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Acrylic colors & aquarelle


My edition „JUNGLE OF LIFE“ with its eleven motifs stands for the personal jungle we have to go through during our life and the resources we need to master our jungle well. With all its wonderful plants and animals like the flower "birds of paradise" and the colorful parrots and toucans, the jungle represents for me the BEAUTY and JOY we find also in our life. 

At the same time the jungle, like our life, can be very exhausting, challenging and even life-threatening. It confronts us with our SHADOWS: our fears, anger and doubts. Especially the last years life has shown up with big challenges and pushed us to our personal limits. Many of us have felt stuck and desperate and were thrown back to key questions like: 

-> Who am I really when I take off any mask and I'm completely myself? 
-> What is important to me? What isn’t important to me anymore? 
-> What brings me joy, love and light and how can I share it with others?
-> How do I want to live?
-> What do I really want to make out of my life?

In my opinion the journey through our personal jungle is a lifelong adventure of ups and downs. And it’s up to us how we deal with it. We can get lost and depressed during the "downs". Or we recognize in every "down" the potential of personal growth and transformation.


The different motifs stand for a resource inside of you which helps us to find our way through the jungle. They stand for e.g. freedom, thinking upside down, fantasy, self love & self worth (Here I am). 

If we master well the difficult part of our jungle, we connect to our soul, our core essence, and grow within by transforming our fears into JOY, LOVE and LIGHT and share it with others. We enable our soul to fully unfold. That's what I'm doing with my art. 

I wish that my edition JUNGLE OF LIFE connects also you with the part within where your JOY, LOVE, LIGHT and HOPE resides. YOUR INNER LIGHT will empower and guide you through your personal jungle to a place of JOY and LOVE where your SOUL UNFOLDS FULLY. 

If you want support in this process you can contact me in my role as VisionLeadershipCoach via E-Mail: office@visionsmanufaktur.com


I offer four different product types for this edition: 

The products are produced in museum & gallery quality in Germany and shipped within Europe and to the US. For other countries, please, send me an E-Mail to  office@visionsmanufaktur.com


In case you have special wishes or you want to have the art work in a bigger size, send me an E-Mail: office@visionsmanufaktur.com Some motifs are available in a size up to four and five meters. 

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