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Acrylic painting & digital art printed on different high quality material.


May my PARADISE BIRDS encourage you to choose FREEDOM, LOVE and JOY.
Every day. In everything you do.

May they remind you of your unique colors, your passions and your talents.
May they bring a smile to your face when something drives you crazy.
May they cheer you on that you show up in all your true colors!
May they strengthen your confidence to explore new horizons.
May they spread POSITIVE VIBES wherever you are - at home, in your office
or even in public areas, like on Time Square in New York.

They are ready to go with you everywhere.

Product Types
You can buy the "PARADISE BIRDS" in different formats produced on different materials:

And as Design Product:

Everything is produced in museum & gallery quality in Germany and shipped in Europe and to the US. For other countries contact me.  

I case you have special wishes (other size or product, getting a license to use my artwork for other beautiful things) or you want to discuss your plans for your walls and rooms in your home or office with me, contact me via Email: mail to: office@visionsmanufak.... I can also show you how the artwork will look like in your room.

Creation Process
The artwork "PARADISE BIRDS" is mix of acrylic painting and digital art. In future I will share the whole story about this painting and its creations process on my blog and via my newsletter.

My "Go for your dreams community"
If you want to be up to date with my art(stories) and be part of of my "Go for your dreams - Community" (for free / newsletter), you can join this great community by clicking here: NEWSLETTER

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