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DESIGN PRODUCT: NEON POP ART FRAME + Photo Under Acrylic Glass (glossy or matte) or + Premium HD Metal Print


POP ART FRAMES - put the artwork into the spotlight! 

Photo print on acrylic glass on aludibond embedded in a NEON POP ART FRAME

With these striking Pop Art Acrylic Frames made of a glossy high quality material with a luminous neon look I want to put my art into a special spotlight. They transform my artworks into a design object. You can hang it onto a wall or place it somewhere, in case of small sizes.

You can choose between three different colors: yellow, green or blue. It depends if you want to mirror colors from the artwork or create a stunning contrast. It’s up to you! Choose your color here: Overview of Colors! 

There’s a 4 mm gap between the printed photo behind acrylic glass on alu-dibond and the frame to make the artwork look like it’s floating inside the frame. The front edge of the frame is just 3 mm wide and the way light reflects off the frame creates a striking effect.

The photo of the artwork is exposed using the latest laser technology and then traditionally developed on premium photo paper. Then it’s joined with the acrylic glass (2 mm) using highest quality silicone. Silicone protects and it’s elastic. It absorbs various expansions in the material due to changed in temperature. Then it’s mounted on a solid alu-dibond (3 mm) backing.

There are two sizes to choose from: 30X40 CM & 60X80 CM.

The product is produced in Germany in museum and gallery quality. It’s ready to hang, as it’s delivered with integrated wall-mounts.


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