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Bring "joie de vivre" and colors into your rooms with my intuitive art and let yourself be reminded of your visions, your true inner self and greatness!

Expressive color explosions in museum and gallery quality behind acrylic glass or as Fine Art Print

My contribution: Messenger for your visions, joie de vivre and courage 

I am dreaming  of a world in which there is more joy and color. Inside our hearts. Outside in our rooms.

A world where more people dare to be themselves and follow their heart and soul by bringing their personal visions to life.

With my expressive color explosions and as a VisionCoach I want to:

My art is an expression of my soul. It is abstract, expressive and intuitive.

My vision: Courage for color and size. No matter where!

I am dreaming that my color explosions starting from small sizes (10x15 cm) to monumental master prints in  (up to 5 m) under acrylic glass on aludibond will reach many people and places in the world, spreading joy of life and encourage to dare bigger.

These places can be your home, your office, meeting rooms, restaurants, business premises, medical centers, hospitals, nursing homes and even public buildings.

The products: Reproduced works of art in museum and gallery quality

You can choose from the following products and sizes in the shop:

The print files have a high quality. For each product an optimized file was created. Each file in the shop consists of a DPI of 300.

Masterprints in monumental sizes: > 140 cm up to 500 cm

For sizes > 140 cm or if you like to put together several paintings for one project  and you have any questions, please, contact us via E-mail: office@visionsmanufaktur.com We will be happy to help and advise you.

The great thing about an edition is that it matches thematically and in terms of color and the single paintings can therefore be combined very well.

First edition: Jungle of Life

We all know it: Our jungle of life, which challenges us every day, especially now.

My first edition is called “Jungle of Life”. In addition to the painting "Jungle of Life" there are ten other motifs. Each motif stands for a resource that helps us to get well through our jungle of life or to achieve a goal that we go for.

For me, the jungle represents with its variety of plants and animals the colorfulness and beauty of our life and ourselves.

At the same time, it is a life-threatening place full of thickets that challenges us and makes it difficult for us to move forward and find a way out.

In order to survive in the jungle, we have to cope with the light, the beauty and the joy as well as with our shadows, our fears, our doubts and resistances.

When we walked through the jungle, we feel empowered, happy and connected to our soul and our life. We are grown within and have come a little closer to ourselves again.

Perhaps one of the motifs appeals to you in particular. Art calls us. Then may this painting support you in your current situation.

I wish you a lot of joy and good vibes visiting my shop. If you have any questions or suggestions, please, contact me! I am looking forward to meeting you!

Warm regards,

Heike Kolles

Artist | VisionCoach | Entrepreneur

Designer for "joie de vivre spaces" inside and outside.