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Edition Living Dreams


The artwork LIVING DREAMS is an artistic transgenerational cooperation of Heike Kolles (49 yrs) & Hans Peter Berrisch (79 yrs). 

1. The Message of the Artwork 

The collage shows:

The collage is called "Living Dreams": It doesn't matter which generation we are. That's what we have in common is: WE ALL HAVE DREAMS. And the important is that we GO FOR OUR DREAMS.

In case we can't live a dream yet, it's good to keep the dream in our heart or even in a briefcase as Hans Peter Berrisch has done it. There might be a day in future, even 60 years later, that the dream is getting realized. In Hans Peter's case his drawings were hidden in a briefcase for 60 years.

And in 2023 some of them are shown in the collage during the world's biggest collective art billboard show of EXPOMETRO at Times Square New York, Ocean Drive Miami Beach, in a French Gourmet shop "Selection Neubauer" in Vienna in Dec 23 and in my Art Showroom in Nice at "CYRS BAT 06" at the Côte d'Azur (in Jan 24).

Therefore: Give your dreams always special attention and a place in your heart. 

Which dream do you want to realize in 2024? 

My our collage remind you of going for your dream! 

2. Product Types
You can buy the the artwork of the edition "Living Dreams" in different formats produced on different materials:

And as Design Product:

Everything is produced in museum & gallery quality in Germany and shipped in Europe and to the US. For other countries contact me.

I case you have special wishes (other size or product, getting a license to use my artwork for other beautiful things) or you want to discuss your plans for your walls and rooms in your home or office with me, contact me via Email: mail to: office@visionsmanufak.... I can also show you how the artwork will look like in your room.

My "Go for your dreams community"
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